A published writer of fiction, Tom Leighton was born in Greater Boston and is a graduate of the University of Chicago. In addition to writing novels, advertising copywriter, translator and editor have fed him at one point or another. He has lived in Chicago, Paris, New York, Boston, and now lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

DATE was his first published work of gay fiction. And then he began working on a new novel with a wider scope that attempts to grapple with the legacy of Reagan America versus the world. Perhaps too tall an order, but worth the effort and fun!

And so now in 2020, that new novel sees the light of day. FOIE GRAS is its title. Chapter one is January of the Millennium year. Party! And then for the 32-year old Chris in 2002 comes the Wall Street Crash. A trader on the Street, he survived 9/11, made a few million, but now has been axed as the market tanks. It’s either crash and burn for this go-getter, and the millions are no help. And then out of the blue he learns he has a relative in Paris. Do Europe, dude. Go to Paris. And his world turns upside down.